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Many of the Books below may be out of print, the ISBN number is included so that they can be sourced by second hand shops or by internet book shops such as Amazon.



578 Squadron Books

Based at Burn

Based at Burn MKII: After 50 Years the Biography of an Outstanding Airman and a Diary of the Bomber Squadron He Founded and Commanded

  • Author: Hugh Cawdron
  • Publisher: Hugh Cawdron (1 May 2001)
  • ISBN-10: 095253171

Much of the content of this site has been sourced from the 578 Squadron book Based at Burn MkII by Hugh Cawdron: The book contains biographies of WC D S Wilkerson, DSO, DFC, founder & First Commanding Officer & Cyril Barton VC, flying officer plus recollections of over 120 airmen & women & wartime residents of Burn.  Describes each of the 161 operations in detail.  Essential reading for anyone interested in 578 Squadron. 512pp, 68 photos, 24 original drawings, 10 maps & two fold-out, full colour reproductions of paintings by Keith Woodcock. < For more information including ordering please click here >


578 Squadron Operations 1944-45

  • Author: C.W. "Chuck" Adams
  • Publisher: Personal Print run
  • ISBN-10: N/A

Published in 1983 this account by Charles "Chuck" Adams documents all 578 squadron operations and the aircraft that flew them. It includes some background information and personal accounts from crew members especially from Chuck himself who completed a tour as rear gunner on LK-O "Sweet Sue". This book is no longer in print but facsimille copies can be printed to order. For more information and cost please contact: webmaster@578squadron.org.uk

578 Squadron at RAF Burn- A short history

  • Author: C.W. "Chuck" Adams Editted: Martin Adams
  • Publisher: Amazon Kindle
  • ISBN-10: N/A

The Son of Rear Gunner C.W "Chuck" Adams has kindly edited his fathers "578 Squadron Operations 1944-45" book and re-issued it in electronic kindle format. He has made this e-book available at minimal price 0.99p, as his main intention is to make this book readily available to ex-squadron members and their relatives. <Click here to be taken to the Amazon Kindle download site. >
Pendullum and the Scythe

The Pendulum and the Scythe: A History of No.4 Group Bomber Command

  • Author: Ken Marshall
  • Publisher: Air Research Publications (13 Sep 1996)
  • ISBN-10: 187118732X

This book gives a full account of the operational tour of Ken Marshalls father (Ken Marshall DFC) and Cyril Bartons Victoria Cross Mission as part of a book on the work of No4 Group Bomber Command 1939-1945

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Squadron Profile 113: No 578 Squadron

  • Author: Chris Ward
  • Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing (1998)
  • ISBN-10: AZ7578

A documentation of all 578 Squadron operations and aircraft. Includes some recollections by Jim Allen DFC

Bombers In The Night Sky

  • Author: Hugh Timmerman
  • Publisher: http://www.lulu.com/
  • ISBN-10: N/A

The Author describes this book as: In 1944, as a thirteen-year old, I saw a Halifax bomber come down in a ball of fire close to our home in the Netherlands. Sixty-three years later, I met up with the pilot of that plane living in Canada. This book describes not only his evasion but also my own wartime experience.

Hugh Timmermanns book is divided into two parts. The first graphically relates his experiences as a teenage farmer’s son in Holland during the occupation, Market Garden Operation, German counter attack, final liberation and aftermath. It was on April 22nd 1944 that he witnessed the shooting down of LK-Y MZ563, the front fuselage crashing down in flames on his farm.
The second part of the book takes the reader to the modern day and his attempts find the exact crash site and trace the fate of the crew. He finally locates the pilot Stanley (Ned) Sparkes and describes his career in the RAF both during and post war. Ned Sparkes had a quite an eventful journey even to become a 578 squadron Pilot. Quite an expensive book at £31 for 170 pages, but a valuable historical document none the less: Available from: http://www.lulu.com/browse/book_view.php?fCID=1230633


General Halifax & No4 Group Books


Raider: Halifax and Its Flyers

  • Author: Geoffrey Jones
  • Publisher: Kimber (19 Jun 1978)
  • ISBN-10: 0718300661

One of the earliest Halifax publications on the Halifax this book is a series of accounts, often first hand of the Halifaxes operations in every field of the airwar. From its contribution in Bomber Command to its role as a successful Submarine hunter in Coastal Command.

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Night Flight: Halifax Squadrons at War

  • Author: Geoffrey Jones
  • Publisher: Kimber (30 Nov 1981)
  • ISBN-10: 0718303385

Sequel publication to the above “Halifax and its fliers"


The Handley Page Halifax

  • Author: K.A. Merrick
  • Publisher: Aston Publications Ltd (19 Oct 1990)
  • ISBN-10: 0946627606

An illustrated History of a Classic World War II Bomber

second to none

Halifax: Second to None

  • Author: Victor Bingham
  • Publisher: Airlife Publishing Ltd (5 Jun 1986)
  • ISBN-10: 0906393663

The History and Development of the Handley Page Halifax: To her crews the halifax was Second to None, though their numbers may dwindle she will always remain a tough lady - capable of tackling any job, anywhere.

Hell Hull & Halifax

From Hull, Hell and Halifax: Illustrated History of No.4 Group, 1937-48

  • Author: Chris Blanchett
  • Publisher: Midland Publishing (26 May 2006)
  • ISBN-10: 0904597814

This is the story of an incredible effort by the Yorkshire based No4 group of RAF Bomber Command, over an eleven year period that encompassed the Second World War. Backed by loyal ground staff who toiled for long hours, sometimes in atrocious weather conditions, many hundreds of courageous airmen - some of whom had come from the four corners of the globe to join the fight - went off, night after night to strike at the heart of the enemy's homeland.

Halifax Squadrons Halifax Squadrons of World War II
  • Author: Jon Lake
  • Publisher: Osprey (30 Jul 1999)
  • ISBN-10: 1855328925

The history of the Halifax in Squadron Service, an excellent well balanced publication that tells of Halifax service throughout the various theatres of war.

Halifax Portfolio

Handley Page Halifax Portfolio (Aircraft Portfolio)

  • Editor: R. Clark
  • Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd (Jan 1987)
  • ISBN-10: 0948207892

A series of previously published articles on the Halifax Bomber

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Halifax Special

  • Author: Bruce Robertson
  • Publisher: Ian Allan Ltd (29 Jun 1990)
  • ISBN-10: 0711019207


halifax file

Halifax File

  • Author: R.N. Roberts
  • Publisher: Air Britain Historians Ltd (Jun 1982)
  • ISBN-10: 0851300987

An Air-Britain publication that records the fate of all of the 6,176 Halifax aircraft produced. This is a very rare book and second hand prices reflect this.

halifax at war

The Halifax at War

  • Author:Brian J. Rapier
  • Publisher: Ian Allan Ltd (Feb 1987)
  • ISBN-10: 0711015546

A thin by comparison to its sister publication "The Lancaster at War" yet none the less interesting and well illustrated book.

Yorkshire Airfields

Yorkshire Airfields in the Second World War

  • Author:Patrick Otter
  • Publisher: Countryside Books (5 Nov 1998)
  • ISBN-10: 1853065420

It has often been said that during the Second World War, Britain resembled a gigantic aircraft carrier. Of no county was this image more true than Yorkshire.

heros picture

Heroes of Bomber Command - YORKSHIRE

  • Author: Michael Wadsworth
  • Publisher: Countryside Books (2007)
  • ISBN-10: 978 1 84674 044 2

A well researched, well written, well illustrated and informative book which describes the air war in Yorkshire and the young men who flew night after night against desperate odds.


Aerodata international No.7 - Handley Page Halifax Merlin-engined variants

  • Author: Philip J. R. Moyes
  • Publisher: Vintage Aviation Publications (1979)
  • ISBN-10: 0-905469-50-X

This is a good small book illustrating the various Merlin engined variants of the Halifax. It is a big pity that it wasn't followed up by the Hercules variants to complete the set.

Halifax in Canada

Handley Page Halifax (In Canadian Service Aircraft)

  • Author: A L Stachiw
  • Publisher: Vanwell Publishing (30 Sep 2006)
  • ISBN-10: 1551250853

A book illustrating the Halifax in Canadian service. It provides an excellent general history of the aeroplane with descriptions and drawings of all marks up to the B Mk VII


Warpaint: No.46 Handley Page Halifax and Halton

  • Author:Tony Buttler
  • Publisher: Hall Park Books (Later Warpaint Books) (2004)
  • ISBN-10: n/a

Colour profiles, and 1:72 scale 5-view drawings.

action Halifax in Action
  • Author: Jerry Scutts
  • Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc.,U.S. (1984)
  • ISBN-10: 089747158X

A small 50 page paperback book of the Halifax in action

HP in photos

Handley Page (Archive Photographs: Images of Aviation)

  • Author: Alan Dowsett
  • Publisher: NPI Media Group; illustrated edition edition (1 Dec 1999)
  • ISBN-10: 0752417010
A photographic History of the makers of the Halifax parent Company Handley-Page.


  • Author: Philip J. R. Moyes
  • Publisher: Profile Publications (Quite old)
  • ASIN: B000NE8EGU
A small but well illustrated profile book on the Halifax

DVD & CD's

Halifax at war

Halifax at War (DVD)

  • Format: Black & White, Colour, PAL
  • Studio: Dd Home Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: 22 Aug 2005
  • Run Time: 76 minutes

Centering round the restoration of a Halifax bomber at Trenton, Ontario, and the reminiscences of aircrew and aeronautical engineers, this is probably the best ( and only ) documentary available on the subject of the Halifax. The DVD features rare and archived footage which provide an insight into the activities of the aircraft during wartime, some more footage would have been welcomed but as the Lancaster probably drew the camera crews of the day it is not suprising. Included in the DVD is a silent colour film of the stop-gap passenger version, the Halton, being handed over to airline officials and giving the VIPs a joy ride.

halifax Explored

The Halifax B MKIII Explored (CD)

Designed for all air enthusiasts who own a PC, The Halifax B.Mk.III Explored is an interactive CD-ROM's that allows you to explore the many fascinating systems within the aircraft. This publication offers a truly unique insight into the famous Halifax B.Mk.III Bomber, combining many extracts from the official Air Ministry Air Publications of the period, along with over 1,300 unique colour photographs and over 250 unique colour diagrams. Here is a list of the main features

If you know of any Halifax publications that we may have missed please don't hesitate to contact us and we will add them to the list Webmaster@578squadron.org.uk

Many other Excellent Halifax and Squadron Publications exist. I would suggest stopping by the Yorkshire Air Museam bookshop as a first port of call for finding publications on the mighty Halifax bomber.