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Based at Burn MKII

<Please note: Sadly this book is no longer in print. The last copies sold recently>

Based at Burn

When Hugh Cawdron set out to produce a simple biography of his friend, David Wilkerson, Founder and first Commanding Officer of 578 Squadron, he had no idea that the finished work would become a sizeable tome. Each of the 161 operations carried out is described in detail, most being supplemented by personal experiences of aircrew taking part. In addition, the general text contains a miscellany of over 180 other recollections contributed by aircrew, ground staff and wartime civilians of Burn, 31 related poems, historical descriptions of the development of the Handley Page Halifax bomber, the airfield at Burn and numerous technical articles written by former Squadron members. Included is a further biography of Cyril Barton VC., the only member of a Halifax bomber crew member to receive such an award.

The book is offered as a limited edition of 500 copies, each being signed by the Author. It is printed on fine quality paper with hard and embossed covers, all bound to a high standard and running to 512 pages, containing 31 poems, 68 photographs, 24 drawings and 10 maps drawn by the Author, plus two fold out full colour reproductions of dedicated paintings by a leading aeronautical artist Keith Woodcock G.Av.A.

It is a not for profit publication, the proceeds being used to fund the existing David Wilkerson Prize for Citizenship whereby educational establishments, youth organisations and libraries are presented with books, free of charge and encouraged to take an informed interest in and develop a better understanding and appreciation of the work and sacrifices of Bomber Command in World War 2, as typified by 578 Squadron at Burn.


What an excellent book! One of the best privately produced RAF Squadron histories ever to see the light of day, it is that good. A splendid example of how wartime memoirs should be handled. It is highly praised by members of the Association and by historians. Aircrew Association Magazine ‘Intercom’
I have read Based at Burn MkII from cover to cover. It really is a remarkably detailed, account of the Station and of the men who flew from it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Armitage

I congratulate Hugh Cawdron on his splendid book which incorporates, in addition to first class technical and historical material, original art work, fine poetry and so many first class accounts of experiences by air and ground crews when based at Burn, which were so typical of a WW2 front line heavy bomber Squadron. I found this to be outstanding and compulsive reading.
Bill Reid VC 61 & 617 Squadrons

This has to be one of the finest literary tributes to a wartime squadron. Of substantial weight, it is an impressive book to hold and the embossed Squadron badge on the cover adds to the feeling that this is a production that befits a proud and distinguished Squadron. Based at Burn has to be worth every penny.
Royal Air Forces Association Magazine ‘Airmail’

<Please note: Sadly this book is no longer in print. The last copies sold recently>